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  1. All photographs displayed on this website are copyrighted and the attributed photographers and the respective estates are the copyright owners; and
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  3. No rights in copyright are granted or transferred to you, the buyer, when placing an order and taking delivery of the print(s) ordered; and
  4. You agree not to copy or reproduce the print by any means whatsoever, including scanning, digitally copying, photographing or by any other means not now in existence; and
  5. You agree not to commercially exploit the image of the person(s) portrayed including but not limited to making for profit or gain items of merchandise; and
  6. You agree not to exploit the image of the person(s) portrayed in connection with any product, branding, or endorsement in advertising either directly, indirectly, or by incidental inclusion in derivative works; and
  7. You agree that any breach of these terms will constitute a gross infringement of the photographer's copyright and make you personally liable for any loss of profits, compensation and damages in the jusrisdiction where the infringement occurs.

This Agreement is transferrable where ownership of the print is transferred by re-sale, as a gift, or by testamentary disposition to any thrid party, who shall be made aware of the above terms.

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